Thursday, April 29, 2010


Shane and I took our kids to Pocatello to visit his cousin Danielle and her kids. We mostly just hung out at her house and watched movies, jumped on the tramp, played eat the sock, went to the park, BBQ'd, had a birthday party and played with the 7 kids a LOT! It was very busy but really fun.

Devin's favorite game is probably Eat the Sock. You take your smelly sock off your foot and shove it in someone's face trying to get them to eat it or at least smell it. Of course his favorite target is me! Luckily my beefy 115 lb body is able to body slam him (trip him) into the ground and make him eat the sock. Unfortunately, when he has other boys on his team I don't always win. I came away with a bruised leg and several cuts from the tramp on one of my feet... but I definitely won the game.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lava Hot Springs Road Trip

Shane's good friend Amos planned a last minute trip to Lava Hot Springs. We arrived late Friday and spent a few hours in the hot pools then searched the small town for something to eat but the only thing left open was a bar so we drove back to the Flying J to eat at their diner. Saturday we took off and found a nice little hike. It was fun being outside in nice weather. We hiked until the snow became too annoying to hike in any longer. Next we went to Soda Springs for lunch and to see the capped/ timed geyser go off.. lol.. who caps a geyser? Then before heading home we went back to the hot springs to soak again. It was a really fun little get away!

Shane smooching a bear!

Amos & Nicki

Amos playing karate kid!


I took the kids to the zoo with a bunch of friends. It was a nice spring day and we all had cabin fever! The kids had a blast running from place to place. Zack had a leash back pack on, which Brayden and Hailey thought was just as fun to "walk" him as it was to look at the animals. We rode the carousel and the train and of course played at the park.

Random Spring

The kids on Easter Morning.. although you wouldn't have known it because it looked like Christmas! It was their dad's turn to have them but my parents and I went over Easter morning to add to the pile of stuff and say hello. I love the pic with them in the nets- it shows their real nuttiness! I don't know where they get it from...

Theresa's cute chubby baby!!!! (and Grant too :)

I always complain when Crystal goes and gets these AMAZING scrapbooking deals without me. She dragged me to the Scrapbook Expo this year so I'd quit my boobing and look at the amazing deals I found!!! I think I spend about $60 I was Very happy with my haul and it should last the year since I only make cards. Thanks Crystal!

My mom and I snowboarding at the Canyons.. really kicked my butt. I don't think we did a single run twice.. I always forget how huge that place is compared to Brighton.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brayden is the Best!

Sometimes Brayden says something that will surprise me. This week it was, "Thanks mom, I really needed that." There are times when he shocks me with his maturity and it makes me so happy.

I'll start at the beginning. Monday I wasn't feeling well, I slept almost all day! When Brayden got home from school I asked him to go get me a snack because I hadn't had anything to eat. He brought me crackers, a drink and apple sauce. I love that he brought me just what I would have brought him had he been sick. He played ponies with Hailey and changed the DVDs when they ended.

Tuesday Brayden woke up and didn't want to go to school. He was whiny and sad but I made him go anyway. Hailey was at a play date so I showed up at Braydens school just before lunch time and checked him out (like a library book). I let him pick where we went to lunch. We went to a pizza place we hadn't been to before- not realizing that it wasn't a sit down restaurant. They didn't have anything to drink but 2 liter bottles and no cups. So we went next door to Beans and Brew and got Italian Cream Sodas, Yum! We enjoyed our lunch at an outside table basking in the sun! It was sooo nice outside! I was hoping I would get crispy but it was only 55' so that didn't happen. After we ate, we went toy shopping! On the way back to school he said to me, "Thanks mom, I really needed that." I looked at him a little shocked. Did he really just say that!?! How old are you again? 7 going on 13?

I appreciate what a nice kid he is. He's a really great brother (most of the time). We were outside playing yesterday and Hailey fell off her scooter and cut her finger. I scooped her up and brought her in the house to bandage her wound and Brayden put all the toys back in the garage and came in the house. He got her a Popsicle and had to check on her. He's very sincere. Love you Brayden!